Unlock the Power of the Necromancer in Diablo 4 - Summon Your Own Bone Golem!

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Are you ready for the ultimate power of the Necromancer in Diablo 4? If so, you can summon a powerful and destructive Bone Golem that will follow your command! In this guide and open beta, we'll show you everything you need to know about unlocking and summoning the powerful ally of the Necromancer. 

How to Unlock Golem in Diablo 4

How to Unlock Golem in Diablo 4

The first step of unlocking the golem in Diablo 4 is to complete the Necromancer: Call of the Underworld quest. This mission will automatically appear when you reach level 25, and you are ready to command the powerful creature.

To complete the mission, go northwest of Menestad Waypoint and interact with the Shrine of Rathma. Talk to the ghost and collect the Unbroken Bones by killing the monsters in the area. Now head to the cave and interact with the shrine, where you will have to defeat waves of enemies.

Once you complete all the steps, you will have your own Bone Golem that you can command. Keep in mind that there are also Blood and Iron variants that are not available in the beta.

How to Summon Golem in Diablo 4

How to Summon Golem in Diablo 4

Now that you have unlocked the golem, it's time to summon it. To summon it, you need to assign the ability to your skill bar. For PC players, press the “S” key and pick the skill at the bottom of the window. For console players and controller users, press the menu button on the right and go to your ability menu by pressing the right bumper. Now press the left stick, which will open your skill menu. You can now pick the golem skill from the bottom.

Once you assign the skill, your Bone Golem will automatically appear. However, if you want to gain some bonuses, you can activate the ability as well. Keep in mind that you will have to sacrifice one of the abilities you have used till now, as the skill bar will be full.


Are you ready for absolute power? Summoning your own golem in Diablo 4 is a powerful way to go about it. With this guide, you will easily unlock and summon your own Bone Golem by completing the quest and assigning it to your skill bar. You can also unlock Blood and Iron variants, but they are unavailable in the open beta.