Super Mario Maker 2 Review

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side-scrolling platform game. This sequel provides endless possibilities for the players who want to create their own challenging levels within the framework of this title.

It is clear that Mario Maker allows us to develop, share, and explore the content for this game. The user-generated levels are stored at the section known as Course World and can be accessed without any efforts. You are offered to browse the variants looking for the most interesting ones. Apply the detailed search options in order to narrow your search and find exactly what you want. Considering all that stuff, you understand that the replayability of this game is very high.

The editor has some unique options allowing you to create courses for Mario which are not possible in the game provided by the team of the developer. It is easy to add various conditions, like collecting a certain number of coins, or change the rules of completion of the course, for instance, you can restrict jumping when the character is following the route. There are a lot of options like vertical levels, powerful customization, creation of a course winding up and down being filled in with lava, water, poison, and much more. The created levels can be uploaded into Course World.

The completely new element of Mario Maker is the Story Mode. It may take you about 6 hours to complete it. It delivers a fascinating narrative. You will play the in-house levels with interest and involvement. You will know the reasons for the events and understand what should be done to earn coins and perform the tasks. You will remember why you are in a particular place making particular things. Even a mini-game will be supported with a brief story.

There is also an extra theme - Mario 3D World standing on its own. Here there are the enemies and options which you will not find in the other modes. Benefit from Mario’s additional moves, Bullet Bills flying from the background into the foreground. Though, you should know that a course creation is possible only on a 2D plane.


  • It can boast of the perfect Story Mode;
  • The gameplay is easy to understand and master;
  • The comprehensive tutorial is available;
  • There are diverse customization tools.


  • Lags are possible when you play online multiplayer;
  • The layout is a little bit cluttered.


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