Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality mobile game with the unique surrounding focused on the Wizarding World. You will find a lot of elements and characters from Rowling's original novel. The title is full of adventures, which become even more amusing thanks to the full 360-degree advanced AR. The game features a rather powerful multiplayer inviting the players all over the world to take part in it. In-app purchases deliver useful resources like an additional amount of gold.

Start with the creation of your Ministry ID, then master powerful spells, explore various locations in the magic world, battle against the dragons, craft the resources you need, and unravel the Ministry. The mechanics are rather comprehensive. You are suggested to read the map, tap an icon on it, apply a spell quickly and accurately, get the item you need, and more. It seems to be simple.

You can compare the gameplay of this title with Pokemon GO where you should follow the instructions and visit the places in the real-life which the magic map traces. You will play as a recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force trying to find the hidden foundables and confoundables which should be returned to the magic world. There are the evil and kind creatures, wizards and witches, various obstacles cropping up along your way. Be ready to overcome those obstacles, fight or make friends, and achieve your goals.

The visuals are great with the familiar characters of this novel and a lot of new details, making the magic world real. You are allowed to adjust settings to your preferences and go in search of adventures.

As to the layout, it is almost the same as it is in Pokemon Go. The fans of this title will notice familiarity immediately. The avatar having a wizard’s hat on will communicate with you when you visit the real-life locations. As to virtual places, they are different. You can charge up in the inns. There are also the fortresses, greenhouses, places with traces, and much more. In general, the title looks cool with the magic spread around. You will see owls, airplanes, and other flying items. And those picturesque landscapes of inviting beauty will impress you and promise a lot of adventures.


  • There is cute animation and realistic design;
  • The characters look very much like the movie actors;
  • It is not simple to find the things you are expected to find in the real world.


  • Crashes are possible.
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