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Secret Neighbor is a survival horror multiplayer game. It is the sequel to the Hello Neighbor game. Secret Neighbor follows events from the 1st Act of Hello Neighbor. The game was released by tinyBuild and is available on Windows PC, as well as Xbox. It appeared on October 24, 2019. The game is not free of charge, but pretty affordable. It has a coop mode, where you can play with your friends or against them.

Vivid Graphics

If you are familiar with the Hello Neighbor game you may notice the general cheeriness flying in the area of this peaceful suburbia. Secret Neighbor offers you to go back to the same neighborhood together with your friends. You may notice a similar atmosphere around you with all these colorful houses and masterfully cut lawns. It looks like the house of the creepy Neighbor became even more colorful. But we all remember the story of Hansel and Gretel and their adventures in the gingerbread house. The graphics are vivid, well-developed, and slightly too simple for the game. There are seasonal updates with numerous decorations and outfits.

The Story Inside

Secret Neighbor is a part of the Hello Neighbor universe which means that the main evil you have to stand against is still a nerdy-looking Neighbor. You will not see Nicky, the main character, as he is trapped in a basement and you have to free him. Don’t worry, if everything will go smoothly, you become a hero, and Nicky will be freed. If not, you will get killed by the villain.

You play either one of the friends who decide to team up and save Nicky or the Neighbor in disguise who now looks one of your palls. If you are playing for the Team “Good” your main goals are:

  • To gather the keys around the house that may open the basement;
  • Watch your friends close and save them from Neighbor;
  • Escape Neighbor’s attack.

If you are in the Team “Evil” you need:

  • To separate your friends by using versatile tricks, and kill them one by one;
  • You have to protect the basement no matter what.

Learning to Survive

The game is not that hard as you may think at first. It contains multiple traps and messes with your mind, forcing you not to trust your closest allies, but you still can win. Maybe, it will not happen the first time. You have a limited amount of time and you need to search the entire house. Don’t waste your time. It is recommended not to separate forces, but you may still need to do this. Don’t send players you don’t trust far from you. Keep close and watch.

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