Secret Neighbor Review

Let’s venture back to the spoopy Neighbor’s house in this multiplayer horror game where a group of intrepid young investigators is on a mission to rescue their pal from their Neighbor’s creepy basement. The only issue is that one of the players is disguised as the villainous Neighbor who will do anything to thwart their plan. Secret Neighbor is part of the Hello Neighbor series, but it is a full-survival game instead of a story-based title. This epic horror game was published by tinyBuild and developed by Hologryph and Dynamic Pixels, and recently released on October 2019 on PC and Xbox One.

A Masterpiece with Great Graphics and Art Style

It's super fun to be back to the indie-horror world of Hello Neighbor, and this time you are not the only player in this multiplayer adaptation of the series. When the game loads into the lobby, each player will see other participants all disguise as a child who will make up for the full game.

The overall premise of this social horror game is pretty plain sailing – all players are pinned together and one of them will be selected to be the spooky neighbor in disguise. All participants would need to work together to find a set of key cards and unlock the basement door. Everybody secretly hopes that the child partnering up with you is not the menacing traitor that may take you to death.

This first-person 3D adventure has retained the simple and cartoonish style from the Hello Neighbor series, but the general atmosphere of its map is moody and dark. Just like the graphics, the sound effects and music enhance the whole gaming experience—you will literally feel the presence of an unknown ghost figure quietly watching you and will jump at you from any corner. The audio work with eerie vibes along with beautiful graphics, cute characters and haunting uncle will definitely put you on edge.

Perfect Idea of Gaming in the Evening

Secret neighbor is definitely a game you should play with your friends. The creepy residence is bigger this time and the players will attempt to break into the house’ basement to liberate another kid. Every character has a diverse set of talents and passive abilities, which they will use to cooperate and find their missing friend.

However, the game is more complicated and entertaining than that as the hunter disguising as a child is unknown. The sinister house is full of mechanisms and many secret ways, and the Secret Neighbor has the advantage of selecting a location. The keys are scattered in the house along with different setups and things, so the team would need to be cautious and cover as much ground as possible to find the missing clues.

It seems like the Neighbor player already has an upper hand – he won’t reveal himself immediately and do everything to stop his mates from opening the basement door. The team heavily relies on voice communication; while you can’t predict how other players will act, the hunter has terrible mechanics to set hunting traps and damage other players. He can choose any of the two classes: the Clown that can turn it to random objects, or the scary Neighbor efficiently masked as a kid. Knowing this fact, the teammates won’t trust other members completely, and this atmosphere of uncertainty and suspense makes this game more entertaining.


  • Enjoyable graphics with amazing sound effects;

  • The house is charmingly wacky;

  • High replay value;

  • Smooth gameplay.


  • Micro-transactions;

  • No regional matchmaking;

  • Open mic by default.

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