Waiting for the Sons of the Forest: New Trailer Release

Elina Rudkovsky


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The Canadian developer Endnight Games has recently published the new trailer for the Sons of the Forest. The game is coming in 2021 on your PC. It will be using the Unity Engine. It is a much-awaited sequel to the popular survival horror game the Forest.

What to Expect from Sequel?

The developers promise new lighting and rendering effects for realistic weather conditions. Besides, you still will be able to build bases, as it was in the previous part. But if you expect to see the good old enemies you have finally stopped seeing in your nightmares, here is bad news for you. Endnight Games promise new types of monsters, new cannibals, and lots of scary stuff waiting for you behind the trees. To cheer you up, they offer you a wider range of firearms with the limited number of ammunition. It is recommended to master your skills in hand-to-hand combat. Get ready for the fresh traps and new types of them.

The trailer promises highly realistic pictures from the first-person perspective. If you are not ready to meet your fears, you may start with something less hard-core. You will never be able to see the forest without increased heart rate again.

The Forest or Sons of the Forest?

Have you played the Forest game? How do you like it? What was the scariest moment there? Will you play Sons of the Forest this year? Feel free to express your thoughts, fears, and expectations regarding the game in the comments box.

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