Updated LinkedIn Lets Freelancers Generate More Leads!

Elina Rudkovsky


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On the wave of active vaccination and post-COVID future planning, more and more professionals look for opportunities to use LinkedIn to their advantage. The platform is reporting record engagement levels and over 770 million active users and booming growth of the freelancers’ army seeking remote job opportunities. If you’re one of the opportunity seekers, check out the 3 new LinkedIn features that can help you.

1. Service Page

Although service listings have been added to LinkedIn long ago, only the latest version unleashes their true potential. Your new Service Page is more focused on specific services and lets other users view past customer reviews in the same section. Other options of the new Service Page include connecting you with potential customers, enabling them to contact you for free, and even receive inquiries from outside the network. Besides, your services will be visible on service searches. 

2. Service Page Reviews

This feature is built into your Service page and lets you invite past customers to leave a review of particular services. New customers can do that without an invitation as well. Currently, the review section is limited to 20 invitation slots, so be reasonable with whom you invite. 

3. Video Meetings

At last, you can start LinkedIn video meetings right from your chats. This feature is extremely helpful for instant trust-building with potential partners, employees, and customers. You can also send invitations and schedule meetings upfront. The platform also promises to add group video chats soon. 

Enhance Connections

The new LinkedIn features provide you with a direct opportunity to enhance your business connections, gain more leads, and boost your exposure in the network. Are you already using it for your good? How do you like it? Tell us about your experience below and share the news with colleagues.