Twitter Blue Offers Space Button Removal

Elina Rudkovsky


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If you are tired of seeing the Spaces each time you visit Twitter, you can pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. The company offers to remove the button from the main page once you become a subscriber. This function was available for iOS owners in the first place, and now it comes to Android users too.

Twitter Blue provided more options for Android users. Now its subscribers can customize their experience similar to iOS users.

They may start with the navigation bar we all used to see in front of us each time we visit Twitter. You can now get rid of the Spaces annoying icon you see in the middle of the bar. If you want to remove any other items there, you are welcome to do this.

You can decrease the number of tabs you usually see in the bar up to 2. If you want, you may keep all 5 of them as it is now. You don’t need to use the Spaces if you want to get to notifications or DMs anymore. Well, at least if you are a Blue subscriber.

Last year the company began its first tests over the Spaces tab for iOS. In May, Twitter officially released this tab on Android. Yet, this change was not appreciated by Twitter users. There were constant complaints on the inconvenience of this service. The best solution that came to Twitter’s officials is to create the Blue subscription. You have to pay $2.99 per month to be able to get rid of Spaces on the panel. Although Blue helps to solve one problem, it does not get rid of all the problems of the app. There are too many features that create a mess on the screen. Twitter promises to deal with it one by one. Last week the company even announced that there will be more data about Spaces that are active revealed at the top of the timeline.

What do you think about the new possibility? Do you want to remove Spaces from your screen? Express your thoughts in the comments below.