The Sims 4: Scenarios and How to Play Them

David Byrne


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The Sims 4 keeps evolving, and now it features Scenarios. In these stories, you need to achieve certain goals for your Sims by completing certain steps. Unofficially, it has been present in various mods, but now Scenarios are a part of the game. This is how to start a Scenario and go through it.

In a Scenario, you choose a goal for your character. Then you go through a sequence of choices that will supposedly lead you to your goal. The goals are already set by the developers, and so far there are just three of them.

Making Money is the most obvious one. Its goal is to make one million Simoleons from a zero-level start. If you know jobs and businesses in The Sims 4, it’s doable. Finding Love after a Break-Up challenge you to find a new match. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Too Many Toddlers is the one where you have a small crowd of minors. You need to teach them certain skills and get a Happy Toddler reward.

To open a scenario, you need to load your game and go to the main menu. Under the New Game and Load Game buttons, there is a New Scenario one. The most disappointing moment is that you need to create a new game to test a scenario. It cannot be set within your current household, and this is an issue. But we hope EA will soon provide this ability along with more scenarios.

The publisher has already announced scenarios as a part of the game core. Probably the most attractive will be limited-time events that challenge you to do it in time before the scenario expires. These can also reward you with some exclusive outfits or design elements. But they are so far to be announced, as the very concept of Scenarios is just being tested.

What do you feel about the Scenarios introduced in The Sims? Do they need to be integrated with games in progress? What realistic or fantastic scenarios would you like to see? Let’s share your visions and ideas in the comments!