The Longing Finally Released for Nintendo Switch

Elina Rudkovsky


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Some of the first PC players must be still playing their first The Longing game when the title is released for another platform – Nintendo Switch. One of the most creative and out-of-mainstream titles of 2020 delivers the sort of experience no other game does, and on Switch there should be even more of that.

If you never heard of The Longing, it’s that very game that’s supposed to last 400 full days if you do literally nothing. Your character is Shadow, a servant of the king who’s fallen asleep and ordered to wait till he’s up – which will take just 400 days if you don’t find the way to accelerate it. For speeding up the time, you can read books within the game, explore the dungeons, collect items, and do whatever is doable here. Probably the most interesting dilemma is whether you should obey the king’s orders while he’s asleep; come on, find out!

The Switch version is available since April 14, and it looks at least as great as the PC version. The price is just $14.99 – unusually low for Switch, though the same price that on Steam. Just as well as on PC, you can just launch the game and do nothing even if it’s not running. But it’s more fun to discover what in the world you can do to fasten time or to spend it better.