Telegram Updates Desktop App to 3.4.2 with Reactions and Stuff

Elina Rudkovsky


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When a Telegram update arrives, it soon comes to all the platforms that support this messenger. In January 2022, update 3.4.2 comes to Windows 10/11 and brings some vital features, including, of course, reactions. But it’s not the only thing about this update that also lets you hide your text behind a spoiler alert.

Reactions are what make communication more vivid in both private and public chats and channels. To react to a message with one of the eleven possible emoji (including love, care, thumbs up, thumbs down, cry, laugh, even poo and puke). To leave a reaction, you need to move the cursor to the post or reply you want to react to, then wait a second. The quick reaction is the one you have used last. To choose another, move your cursor to the reaction and scroll it up and down to see all the options.

The Facebook-style reactions will surely save millions of words and stimulate more people to participate in the conversation when they don’t know what to say. Though Telegram obviously follows Facebook (as well as Messenger), this is a good example to take.

Another new feature of the desktop client is spoiler alert. To hide your message behind a spoiler alert, you need to select its part, right-click on it, and choose “Formatting”. Then select “Spoiler” from the available options. The quicker way is to select a fragment of the message (or all of it) and press Ctrl-Shift-P.

There is one more change that may seem minor but it no doubt impacts the overall impression: it’s the animated emoji. Now they look different in private chats, which can make the communication more expressive without extra words. By the way, Telegram updates automatically on most modern PCs, so if you haven’t noticed the changes yet, you may try them right now. Do you see them? Do reactions and spoiler alerts work correctly? And how do you like the new emoji? Share your impressions in the comments!