PS5 Still Hard to Buy in 2022: Sony Confirms

Elina Rudkovsky


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Happy are those who have already bought PlayStation 5; unlucky are those still expecting. Though the latest console by Sony was launched in November 2020, the initial rush around it is still going on, and it’s scarce on shelves as well as online. Sony just cannot manufacture enough of these new console – and, as Hiroki Totoki states, it’s for long. As he is the Chief Financial Officer of Sony, he must be well informed to speak like this.

According to Totoki, the supply will not catch with the demand even if Sony mobilizes all the facilities it has. The demand is very high, while the production is handicapped both by COVID-19 lockdown measures and the crisis in chip manufacturing. This challenge is not resolve soon, as it might last for the rest of this year and even longer.

The reasons are serious enough to impact the entire electronic industry. Nevertheless, Sony does better than many others. Though the vendor could have sold many more units, the overall sales of PS5 are already surpassing those of PS4, even given that many last-gen consoles have been collecting dust for years, and those still wishing to buy it experience no problems. So, while Sony will have to solve lots of problems the following years, expiring demand isn’t one.