Nobody Saves the World Turns Players into Rats

Elina Rudkovsky


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The new title among the Guacamelee! Series created by Canadian DrinkBox Studios can easily turn you into a robot, necromancer, rat, or zombie. Nobody Saves the World, the ARPG we all were waiting for, fis this world with magic and helps you to change the form. It still has the gorgeous graphics of the Guacamelee world with numerous fresh attractions.

The demo lasts 30 minutes. During this time, you can take a quick look at the magic that is offered to you, including the shapeshifting abilities. The mechanics are still crazy fun. You can’t rely on the well-known objects to you since they may turn into something different in no time. Yet, there is a good old dungeons system provided by Drinkbox like a comfort blanket. You can try three different forms you unlock during the game.

nobody saves the world screenshot

The one thing that stays unchanged is slightly goofy humor you probably know from playing other Guacamelee games. The new game may slightly remind you of Diablo or Legend of Zelda. Your main goal is to fight with enemies that appear on your way through the dungeons. Don’t forget to collect the crystals filled with magic. You start with playing a blank character called Nobody. You don’t know who you are, but you remember that you have to find a magician, Nostar Magus. Although you can’t find the wizard anywhere, you receive his wand that can change your shape.