News from the Showcase of Resident Evil: Village

Elina Rudkovsky


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There has been revealed the information on the extremely awaited addition to the Resident Evil series, Village. The release is scheduled for May 7, 2021. It will be available for XBox, PS 4 and 5, and PC users. PlayStation 5 owners can see the world of the eighth part right now. To do this, you need to download a demo version.

As for the XBox Series X/S and XBox One, there is also good news.The game will support the Smart Delivery function: you can have versions for both devices for the same price.

Viewers also saw video footage of the gameplay. Ethan Winters became the protagonist of the game. Each opponent is expected to have its weaknesses. It means that you will need to frequently change tactics, depending on who you are dealing with. So the impressive action blended with horror will thrill your nerves again. Players will find a new trading system and updated customization. The protagonist will be able to buy and sell items and instructions, as well as improve weapons. 

A special attention of the series's fans was attracted by a female vampire, who intrigued them with her remarkably tall stature. In the video, you can see that she is at least a head taller than others and can hardly pass through the doors. 

The new multiplayer Resident Evil Re: Verse was also announced. For the 25th anniversary of the series, another gift was prepared for the fans. When you purchase Resident Evil Village, you get free access to Resident Evil Re: Verse. This is an excellent opportunity to be one of the first to take part in deadly battles with four or six participants. Also, this game will be presented with the legendary locations of the series. 

The characters will have a unique set of skills, which you can pump. It will even be possible to turn the transformation into a biological weapon and take revenge on the enemies after the resurrection. Are you ready for the new part of the seria? What would you like to see the most? We will be glad to see your opinion about the upcoming game in the comments.