New Raccoon Logic Studio Creation

David Byrne


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A new company bought the rights on Journey to the Savage Planet. The developers from famous studios launched the new one in Montreal. The Quebec-based company is formed from ex-employees of EA, Warner Bros. Games, and Ubisoft. It was named Raccoon Logic. The company has a wide range of names from Typhoon Studios, the producer of Journey, to the Savage Planet game.

Tencent has already invested in the new company to assist with the building of the new team and their debut project. The company whose majority took part in the development of the Journey to the Savage Planet has bought the rights of the game.

People Behind Raccoon Logic

The main co-founders of the new company are Alex Hutchinson (Typhoon Studios), Reid Schneider (Typhoon Studios), Yannick Simard (EA), Erick Bilodeau (Typhoon Studios, WB Games), and Marc-Antoine Lussier (Typhoon Studios, Ubisoft). Hutchinson will be a creative director, and Schneider is a studio head. Simard is a new CTO of the studio, Bilodeau is an art director, while Lussier is going to become a technical design director.

Hutchinson has already shared his excitement with the audience in the open message. He said that the company will work in the indie direction, creating new games. He mentioned the investment the company received from Tencent, saying that it is a huge help at the start. The company will be able to produce the product before coming with it to the publishers. Hutchinson promised entertaining games, rich with humor, strong flavors, and a big heart. He assured that Raccoon Logic already has something to show to the players in a few months. The newly created company has already shared the group photo that was accepted as contradictory by the audience. The problem with the photo is that there are only white men on it.