Meta Verified Subscription Arrives in India: A Boost in Credibility for the Indian Market

David Byrne


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Meta continues to expand its Meta Verified subscription program beyond North American and UK users, and the latest recipient of this service in India. The platform initially launched the subscription plan, which offers users a blue checkmark and various additional features, in Australia and New Zealand in February before moving on to other regions. Indian users can now take advantage of this unique monthly service to enhance their Facebook and Instagram presence.

Meta Verified is a paid subscription service similar to Twitter Blue which demands users to provide a photo ID for identity verification and pay a monthly fee ($11.99 on the web or $14.99 in-app) for a blue checkmark on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. To have verification on both platforms, users need to subscribe separately, totaling a minimum yearly expense of $287.76. Other than the checkmark, the subscription offers proactive account protection, dedicated account support, exclusive stickers, and 100 Stars a month to be distributed to other creators on Facebook.

Interestingly, some users have found value in the dedicated account support feature, subscribing for one month just to resolve long-standing issues with Meta's support team. While the blue checkmark's value may be losing ground due to paid programs diminishing its relevance, the other features in the Meta Verified subscription could make it worthwhile for some users.

India's digital market scene is still relatively young, which means the value of a blue checkmark might hold more influence compared to Western markets. Meta has identified India as its fastest-growing user market, with over 300 million Indian Facebook users surpassing the number of US users. With such a massive user base, there is a high likelihood that many users will opt for the Meta Verified subscription, increasing their credibility within the apps and giving Meta a potential revenue boost.

In conclusion, Meta's expansion of its Meta Verified subscription program to Indian users holds significant revenue possibilities, as Indian users might view the blue checkmark with greater esteem than in more established digital markets. Moreover, with Meta eyeing further expansion of the program to Brazil, the platform's focus on emerging markets could provide additional income to fuel their ambitious VR and metaverse projects. While the Meta Verified program may have pros and cons, its arrival in India will surely create a buzz in the market and add new opportunities for both users and Meta itself.