Instagram Goes Audio?

Elina Rudkovsky


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Following in the footsteps of Clubhouse, Instagram will launch a new feature soon. It will present audio-rooms. Seemingly, with an invitation system.

Recently, Clubhouse stirred a commotion. This new service allows people to create audio-rooms and invite guests to join them and talk about whatever. 

However, Clubhouse is available on iOS only. And at the moment, you can’t sign up if you don’t know anyone who’s already a Clubhouse member — invitations only.

Instagram sees a promising niche in this. It has launched Live rooms recently, where anyone who goes live can add two other people. So now, you can listen to a group of artists, instructors, or influencers instead of just one going solo.

Audio rooms will be something similar. Like in Discord or Clubhouse, you’ll be able to create a conference room and invite whoever you want to join it. This will work just fine for a Q&A session, live bedroom concert, briefing, or just an online “COVID” party.

It is expected there will be moderating features, moderator selection, and flexible audio controls. End-to-end encryption has also been promised to make audio sessions fully protected from intrusion.