Greenroom Fund Is Closed on Spotify

Elina Rudkovsky


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Spotify closes its Greenroom Creator Fund. Only a few days back this service was updated to Spotify Live. It looks like the Clubhouse’s competitor is getting rebranded.

The Sweden-based company decided to close the Creator Fund, the place for all the creators on Spotify. It existed during the year and had to become the competitor of Clubhouse, a popular social network back then. The fund was supposed to attract more creators, offering them payments based on their performances. Nowadays, all the applicants of the fund received notification from Spotify that the fund is closed. Before that, Spotify has already turned Greenroom into Spotify Live.

The company has sent emails to everyone who had a profile registered in this fund. Spotify said that fund is down and can’t go forward. Meanwhile, the company did not share any insights with the creators. We still don’t know the official reason behind this decision. At the same time, we also don’t know whether the fund was even launched officially in the first place or whether creators received any payments via this system.

Spotify is known for its support of content creators. Recently, the company even announced that they are looking for a new monetization option for their users. They support numerous initiatives, keeping creators happy and allowing them to earn money.

Last year the company launched the Greenroom. This service offered users to create a discussion online or join someone else’s conversation. The Greenroom appeared after the company bought Betty Labs, the one that created Locker Room audio sports-focused social network. After some time Spotify announced its decision to re-brand Greenroom. Now they finally changed it to Spotify Live, offering more content and new artists.

Do you miss the Greenroom? Do you think the newly re-branded service will be even more popular? Share your thoughts in the comments below.