Girls & Games — Xbox Will Honor Women This March

David Byrne


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In light of International Women’s Day (March 8th), Xbox will honor women's history in video games. It’s not about characters but rather creators.

March 8th has been International Women’s day since 1911. In some countries, it is a national holiday, just like Labor Day in the US. Google has dedicated an animated doodle to significant women in various professions: art, science, architecture, law, and so on.

Xbox wants to follow the trend. Across the Women’s History Month, various events celebrate women’s input in the video game culture: from developing to competitive playing.

The first event will take place on March 13th. It will be a Gears 5 tournament. Aside from the game having a female as the central heroine, there will be women athletes. On the other side, Minecraft will offer a block of educational content dedicated to protecting female rights.

Creative minds haven’t been forgotten either. Xbox will focus on content that supports women or was created by women. It includes such games as Dishonored: Death of an Outsider with Billie Lurk as the central character. 

Women of Xbox UK will feature Louise O’Connor — an executive producer of the indie RPG Everwind based on the eponymous series. 

All this is intended to promote gender equality in both the gaming industry and community — not to forget that that Xbox has 90 million live accounts at the moment. 

Video games are a promising channel for advertising an inclusive community. 350 million people play Fortnite, almost 1 million players join PUBG hourly. The more people receive the message, the stronger it will echo:

Xbox is honoring International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with a continued commitment to empowering women in the gaming industry. We'll continue to push for better inclusion in this community”.