Content Planning Tools Will Appear on the Instagram Platform

Elina Rudkovsky


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Content planning on Instagram has been a sore subject for marketers for a long time. Developing a content plan involves considering each post and visualizing it. To make life easier for advertisers, Instagram provided integration for third-party suppliers.

One such application was Creator Studio. For some time, it helped solve the problem with content planning. At least such a feature appeared. But is it convenient to create content in one app and schedule it in another? That's a separate topic for discussion.

It looks like Instagram is planning to create a new instrument. It will allow the scheduling of publications within the platform itself. Users can add all the content of a future post and set a date and time of planned publication. That also applies to stories.

With the advent of third-party content apps on Instagram, the first feature available was a stories schedule. Then came the feature for scheduling posts in the feed. Meta recently announced integration with third-party platforms for Reels scheduling. Since this tool is a priority for Instagram at the moment, they couldn't get past short videos.

This way, marketers and SMM specialists can upload a ready-made content plan to third-party apps for all kinds of Instagram content. That's not yet the case for the platform itself.

Instagram has not yet given an official statement about the new tool. What we're most interested in right now is what kind of materials we can use it for.

We hope we will write the following news with all the details soon. Judging by the screenshot shared on Twitter by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the feature is almost ready to be presented to users.

What do you think of Instagram's new feature? Have you used third-party apps to schedule content? Share your experience.