Roblox is much like the fraternal twin of LEGO, with its virtual colored blocks and a wide variety of different gaming environments. Roblox is different because it runs on a proprietary Roblox engine, which allows users to create their own games or environments, and share them with millions of other players around the world.

Roblox is special in that it allows you to manipulate your environment by building your own game and sharing it with others. This aspect of community sharing means that you never lack content in Roblox. You’ll need to create an account and log in to be able to play. You’ll also be provided with a tool to hold the items that you use for your building. You can customize your avatar as you start out or at any point later. An interesting thing about Roblox is that there are certain actions which you can’t do as a regular user, for example selling items such as tools, which you can only do through an administrator account. You’ll also need a Builder’s Club membership to sell clothes, although anyone can buy them.  

Most of the controls on the mobile version of the game are interactive menu items, although you can swipe in any direction to move and tap on things. You’ll occasionally see an item flash on-screen to let you know what move you can make.

Roblox is mostly centered on the block world created by the Roblox engine. The textures look grainy, and the visuals are anything but realistic, but still, they do add to the effect of the game. Since these are player-built environments, Roblox might not look as great as you hope it to.

Most people would probably play Roblox due to the endless arrays of player-built environments which always provide some fresh scenery for playing. With Roblox, your imagination is the limit. The game has a smooth learning curve, and anyone from adults to kids will enjoy this game. There’s an outstanding game collection within the main app, although most of these are quite amateurish. Roblox also has parental controls and game monitoring, since most children who are under 18 play the game.


  • Innovative games created by players around the world;
  • The gameplay is easy to adapt to.


  • May get lackluster due to the lack of challenging game rooms.
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