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TikTok, the most popular video app in China and US media, was launched by ByteDance in 2016, and currently has 1 billion users, over one-fourth of which are in the US. The app is mainly used for short-form video creation, which is touted as a “new way to express yourself”.

According to Ben Thompson, a tech analyst from Stratechery, the popularity of TikTok originated from the fact that its content is what people want to see. TikTok, with its short-form video format and its simple interface, has become the ultimate platform for short-form video creation among the younger generation.

But the app is not just popular among the younger generation. Many young Chinese, who came to the US to study, are also using TikTok to connect with their family and friends back home.

TikTok is not just a social networking platform, but also a micro-video platform. It offers a wide range of video content, including short-form music videos, dance videos and comedy skits.

The app is also known for its unique features, such as lip-syncing, which allows users to select an audio track from a song and mime the lyrics. Another feature, dancing, allows users to record themselves dancing to a music track and then share the video with friends.

It is not hard to find users posting videos on TikTok to promote their businesses. The app is particularly popular among dentists, hairdressers, doctors and other service providers.

Pepsi, a popular beverage brand in China, has also used TikTok to market its product. In the video, users can see a mysterious man holding an unusual object. The man is actually holding a Pepsi bottle, but the shape of the bottle is not obvious until the end of the video.

Last year, the company launched a similar campaign on TikTok, which was viewed more than 20 million times in just two weeks.

TikTok has become the most downloaded app in the US and is widely used by many young people. Since the app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, it is likely to remain the most popular video app in the US.

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