Hybrid Animals Review

In the world of simulation video games, you have a lot to choose from, but Hybrid Animals brings you a gaming experience like no other. Get engulfed into this quirky, yet, extremely fun world where you get to select your character and play against your friends online. The game brings you a long list of animal characters to choose from. You need to select a father and a mother animal, and the game uses its complex algorithm to morph both the animals into one. 

Each animal has its own powers, weapons, and capabilities which makes it even more interesting. There are literally millions of hybrid creatures to create and play with. Animals such as walruses, stingrays, wasps, goats, beavers, sharks, and so much more are all readily available for selection and finally morphing. Play against your friends and try to beat them with your animal or equip your hybrid with special weapons and defeat all the enemies around. 

Once you have decided on an animal, controlling them is relatively easy and doesn't take too long to master. The graphics of the game are quite underrated but ensure long hours of fun thanks to its simplistic, pixelated features. One of the things that drives players to the game is the endless possibilities of animals in the game. Even after you morph two animals, you can redo it by simply reversing the genders of the animals and creating a totally new hybrid. 

While the game has been predominantly a computer game, the new release for Android devices has increased its popularity tremendously. Hybrid Animals has all the right ingredients for an outstanding gaming experience with fun and creative characters, action-packed gameplay, and simple controls. The Android version of the game is also lightweight and doesn't require a lot of storage space or memory. This makes the game extraordinarily smooth and lag-free. Hybrid Animals is an excellent family activity as well and can be enjoyed by both young and old. Take turns in making your own insane hybrid and watch as it battles with other monstrosities from around the world. 

The different stages in the game give certain animals an advantage such as some animals that can fly will find it easier to get over obstacles, while those that can swim will get through water bodies easier. Mix and match till you find your perfect beast or use the editor to create your own animals and then morph it into something else. The possibilities are endless.


  • Action packed gameplay;
  • Decent graphics and sound;
  • Online multiplayer;
  • Millions of characters to choose from;
  • In-game editor.


  • No missions or challenges;
  • Pixelated graphics.
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