Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) Review

If you are a fan of anime games, you’ll probably enjoy Gachaverse. In this simple game, you not only dress up your characters but also change their appearance to whatever you want. You can also create visual stories about these anime characters and have fun the way you want to with this game.

In Gachaverse, you use an on-screen editor to make changes to the look of your characters. The tools are well laid-out, and you can change even the most trivial aspects of the appearance. You can choose from dozens of characters, both male, and female, and dress them up from a collection of hundreds of livery such as dresses, makeup, hairstyles, etc. Once you have designed your characters, you can go into Studio mode and create any scene that you desire. You can also make stories between your characters and add text bubbles to show the conversation. The editing studio provides over 100 backgrounds which you can use to customize the game.

Aside from creating custom texts for your stories, you can also enter into the Skit Maker which allows you to share your characters and stories, and combine multiple scenes. The editor is pretty much where most of the action is, and you can add preset persons and customize their bodies, faces, clothes, hair and most other things that you can think of. With new updates and rollouts, Gachaverse is constantly adding new characters and costumes, so you’ll never feel too bored with the present studio.

The majority of the controls system is built around the studio menu from where you can do most of your customization. The controls are quite straightforward, and there is little need to cram difficult button combos.

While Gachaverse has fairly limited graphics and even less scenery, the substantial character and makeup variety keeps the game fresh and exciting. The editing studio is built intuitively, which is excellent because this is where you’ll spend most of your time.

Gachaverse might not be a game that you come back to very often, given its lack of a storyline and other content that incentivizes you to play. The developers say that they will introduce RPG elements to the game soon such as a Battle System, but this has yet to happen. It’s a fun game when after a few times, but it quickly loses its luster afterward.


  • Presents a great concept for creating your own anime characters and stories;
  • Has tons of unlockable content.


  • Suffers from bugs and occasional glitches;
  • Doesn’t offer much to keep you around for long.
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