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Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game with the moment-to-moment gameplay. You will navigate a character trying to figure out what is going on in the house located next to yours. You will attempt to penetrate into that dwelling in different ways. Watch out, because your neighbor can wait for you behind the door you are going to enter. If you run across him, you should escape immediately, otherwise, you will have to hide in a wardrobe and wait until he stops looking for you, or you’d better make a safe getaway. You will play with the advanced artificial intelligence, which can read your mind and remember your habits. Your every step makes it smarter.

You are suggested to navigate the local kid, who suspects his neighbor of some horrible things because of a strange screech he hears coming from a window of his house. You will play for about twenty hours if you manage to overcome all obstacles and clear up the mystery.

We cannot say that the story is extremely interesting, and the challenges are ingenious. The repetitive mechanics may be boring. Moreover, in the long run, you will hardly find an awful secret of that man who does not want you to disturb his secrets. Perhaps, the reason for your trouble is your sick mind only? Or there’s a rationale to your suspect.

The game is rather complicated, demanding your skills, creativity, and patience. The artificial intelligence is learning quickly. It will prevent you from figuring out the things you want to discover. The neighbor will notice your attempts to penetrate his house and set the traps, place the cameras, and do everything to catch you or prove your unauthorized access. He will become dangerous for you.

As to design, it is well-done with nice button layout. Here the retro puzzle style is applied. The cartoonish characters are cute, and soundtracks are pleasant. There are three acts in the game providing new conditions with a larger house and more complicated traps. At the advanced levels, you will think that it is impossible to complete it and solve puzzles.


  • It has powerful gameplay;
  • There are strange and complicated puzzles;
  • It can boast of rather nice retro visuals.


  • Bugs are possible;
  • The gameplay seems to be repetitive.
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