Team Sonic Racing™ Review

Team Sonic Racing is an arcade racing game from the studio Sumo Digital and the company SEGA in the legendary universe of a blue hedgehog. It will please gamers with a large number of various modes and a big variety of familiar characters, including Sonic himself.


Sonic moves on a bright blue sports car, and a monkey from the Super Monkey Ball – on a comic car. All vehicles are significantly different in handling, power pavers and other characteristics. Also, cars here can transform into something floating or flying on specially prepared sections of the tracks.

In fact, this means that the first lap of the race will usually occur on the ground, the second – on the water, and the third – in the air. Each transformation can significantly change the course of the race, and not all players are able to successfully and quickly adapt to new conditions.

Here we must understand that the game is designed primarily for multiplayer. This is a special format of entertainment for a noisy party. But there is also a career mode which, in any case, must be tried in order to evaluate the diversity of trails and modes.

Mechanics are built around the drift (the longer you go into a skid, the more acceleration is given) and all the same paver-ups, but even at the normal difficulty level, it is very, very difficult to come first. Wisps play an important role in Team Sonic Racing. There are boosters, moderators, fuses and more. To use items correctly, you need to visit a small story mode where players are taught all the nuances of the gameplay.

In the game Team Sonic Racing you'll get the opportunity to improve your car with Sonic. Change the appearance of the machine, embellish it in your own style, so that the riders, with whom you compete, become jealous. It's possible to add speed and other criteria to your car.


A very important improvement for the game is that the current work of the developers is aimed at 60 FPS. Unfortunately, it can be seen that the engine cannot maintain this parameter. The maximum that developers managed to achieve is 40 frames per second.

Simple, exciting, interesting and updated races take place on maps with three-dimensional graphics.  Visuals of the game are similar to the cartoon picture that completely immerses into the world of Sonic.


In competitions, you'll need to control drifts by pressing special buttons in special zones. Also, in all sorts of chases and duels, the whole arsenal is used: from homing missiles to a device that throws a pack of giant wasp-killers in front of the enemy. We may say that you'll have to take advantage of a big amount of buttons on your keyboard. Anyway, when you get used to the controls, they won't seem to be difficult to deal with.

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