YouTube Removes Capitol Riot Video

Elina Rudkovsky


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YouTube gets rid of the video with the US Capitol Riot. It says that there was election misinformation inside of it. The company does not say the name of the video they removed.

Last Friday one of the biggest streaming networks in the world removed the video with the probing from the congressional committee for the attack that happen in the US Capitol. YouTube officials announced that they take down the video since it contains the fake information spread by former president Donald Trump. The misinformation was spread right after the election.

According to Ivy Choi, the spokesperson of YouTube, the company acted according to the official policy. This policy prohibits the existence of content that contains false information, helps to spread fraud, or doubts the legal outcome of the presidential election that happened in 2020 without sufficient proof. YouTube says that they informed video owners, asking for more evidence. Since there were none, they have removed it. This video was uploaded to the Committee channel on January 6.

Committee did not respond to this situation. They were accused of an attempt to overturn the elections in the favor of Trump. They are currently in the middle of hearings that still investigate the attack on the government of the US that happened on January 6, 2021.

There is no specification on the video that was removed from the channel. Simple calculations and research provided by YouTube users suggest that it was a video with Trump. The former president of the US said that the elections were fabricated and he won. The claims were not backed by anything except his emotions. According to the new information that was revealed Trump has forced Mike Pence, his vice president to play along with the illegal plot of a riot in an attempt to seize the power.

Have you watched the channel? Which video do you think they removed? Express your thoughts in the comments.