Updated Gmail Interface Design

Elina Rudkovsky


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If you're a heavy user of Google services such as Chat, Mail, Meet, and Spaces, you'll definitely appreciate the interface update. Users will have access to the improved default layout. Features such as chat pop-ups and a sidebar will greatly simplify your experience on the platform.

Gmail offers a new interface for default. However, you can revert to the old layout for now. Announced in January this year, the changes allow you to switch between tasks more efficiently and quickly. To do this, a sidebar menu has been added on the left, which allows you to select one of the 4 Google services. If the side menu bothers you, you can always hide it using settings.

The developer has added tooltips in the lower left corner that you will receive when you get a new message in Spaces and Chat. In the chat menu, you can configure access to group and individual messages. They also open in a small pop-up window at the bottom of the screen. To use this function, the user must go to the top of one of the chats and select "open in a pop-up window". You can also customize the window next to the chat message in the sidebar. You have the possibility to safely switch between services, but the message box will always be in your field of vision.

In addition to a sidebar and popups with messages, Google will soon increase the number of emojis. Before the end of this year, Gmail will introduce several more updates for tablet users too.

The updated Gmail platform, including Material You, allows users to quickly switch between tasks. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the new design and features, you can return the old layout. For people who frequently use Meet, Spaces, Chat, and Gmail at the same time, this update will come in handy. What other changes do you think users can expect this year?