TikTok Helps Small Business

Elina Rudkovsky


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TikTok aims for small businesses. The company wants to attract more brands and sellers in order to make more money. Now starts, the program to support these small companies. One of the biggest social network platforms created an educational channel with tips and tutorials from small and medium businesses who want to use TikTok to get in touch with their audience.

The service is called Follow Me, and it provides the program for 6 weeks starting from July 11 and up to August 19. This program will help businesses to promote themselves via TikTok and get in touch with the targeted users. It explains in detail how to create an account of their company and how to use Ads Manager and Creative Center to attract more people.

Apart from that, Follow Me helps these companies to communicate with each other, express their thoughts, and share stories of their business. Using this service, business owners can create a community within TikTok. According to the business owners, they are interested to take part in the program. 81 percent believe that the service is helpful, and 73 percent find it simple to use. TikTok is considered the perfect platform for business. The platform creates all the conditions businesses require to support their activities and become the No 1 choice for them. TikTok also supports content creators who can attract more users to the platform. It works hard to keep the balance between interest and business. It looks like quite a logical step to help small businesses to develop while using TikTok as their main marketplace. Business owners widely use TikTok as one of their major sources of income.

What do you think about TikTok support for businesses? Do you believe that their policy attracts more ordinary users or simply scares them away? Express your thoughts about it in the comments below.