Snap Launches ARES Platform to Power Third-Party AR Experiences

David Byrne


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Snap is leading the charge towards augmented reality (AR) with the launch of its new AR Enterprise Services (ARES) platform. This platform looks to provide businesses with the tools and guidance needed to integrate Snap’s AR technology into their own apps, websites, and physical locations.

The ARES platform gives businesses access to three AR tools that can be integrated into third-party platforms: 3D Viewer, AR Try-On, and Fit Finder. These tools will enable brands to incorporate AR virtual try-on experiences into their own retail process, helping to bring a more engaging and interactive experience to online shoppers. Additionally, Snap will provide dedicated support and new management and measurement tools to help maximize the potential of AR.

In addition to the ARES platform, Snap is also exploring the use of digital creators in businesses’ marketing strategies. By leveraging digital influencers, brands can access key target markets in a way that is more personal and direct than traditional advertising. Digital creators allow brands to create meaningful connections with audiences, making them valuable allies in marketing campaigns.

Overall, Snap’s ARES platform is a major step forward in the evolution of AR, providing businesses with the tools they need to make the most of their AR experiences. By launching this platform, Snap is positioning itself as a leader in the AR space and is taking an important step toward the future of digital interaction. With ARES, businesses can take advantage of Snap’s AR technology and create engaging and interactive digital experiences for their customers.