Microsoft Adds the Built-In VPN to Edge

Elina Rudkovsky


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Microsoft offers an extra security option for users of the Edge browser. The company provides a built-in VPN system inside. It is called Edge Security Network and will be released as the new upgrade of the security system.

The company releases the Edge browser’s version with the pre-installed virtual private network inside. It is made to increase the security level. Microsoft is trying hard to improve the privacy of its users. The new VPN powered by Cloudflare is named Edge Security Network. The company describes it as a security update service.

Once the Network is turned on there, users receive encrypted web traffic. Providers can no longer gather information about you based on your search. You will no longer share the data about your health condition or political preferences, for example. Everything you search stays private because of the VPN.

This feature also offers the ability to hide your location. You will use the virtual IP, getting access to the information you need from around the world. If some websites were restricted to your location, you may easily change it. The virtual IP address is impossible to track to all the annoying marketers who secretly learn your searching demands stuffing the space around you with the ads you don’t want to see. Moreover, you will be able to get access to Hulu or Netflix from other countries.

Meanwhile, the traffic is limited to 1GB in a month, so you will not be able to use VPN every time you want. Apart from that, Microsoft will be tracking your search, since you are signed in to your account. It looks like a catch, anyway. If you are ok with Microsoft watching your steps, you can use the new VPN service.

Do you want to use the new browser’s feature? How often do you use VPN? Share your thoughts in the comments below.