Meta Works on Avatar Reactions

Elina Rudkovsky


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Meta is busy testing the new reactions from avatars. They will be available on Instagram Stories if everything goes smoothly. It looks like the major elements of Metaverse receive more features, so users can enjoy them in a wide range of situations.
Digital avatars that appeared inside the Metaverse don’t really have much activity or wide popularity among users. Meta is trying hard to provide them with more abilities. The most complicated part about it is that Metaverse lives in VR. Users can interact inside this world, but only with other owners of VR headsets and the intention to visit this brave new world built by Meta. For other users who don’t have VR tools and who are the vast majority, Meta tries to create non-VR communication.
This time they offer to choose users their own avatars without entering the VR world. For this, they have to create avatars not dependable on the VR. They must be customizable and engaging, and be available on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. You may have already noticed similarities with stickers on Instagram. Users can now share their reactions with these stickers in their Instagram Stories.
Basically, you can still pick emojis to express your opinion about Stories. Meanwhile, there is a tool called Avatar that you can try. If you want to try, all you need is to tap on it and you will be sent to another section where you can create your own avatar. If you have your personalized virtual image already you can simply add it to the Stories. After you create your own avatar you can add different stickers to express your emotions. It looks fun and it does not take much time to create your new alter ego.
What do you think about the new avatar option on Stories? Have you already used it? Express your opinion in the comments below.