Meta Reveals New Messaging Tools for Business

Elina Rudkovsky


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Meta has recently revealed several new messaging tools to make it easier for brands to use its platforms for marketing. The tools include a more versatile ad creation process for WhatsApp and the integration of WhatsApp messages into Meta’s central Business Suite mailbox and Instagram quote requests. 

Better Ad Creation Flow

After the upcoming update, brands will be able to set up and deploy their ad campaigns right in the WhatsApp Business app. There will be no more need to switch apps for that. Currently, you need to set up ad campaigns using different apps, which is quite irritating, especially when most other ad dashboards let you do it in a single place. Fortunately, the entire process will become much more efficient soon. 

Furthermore, WhatsApp messages will soon be added straight to the central Meta Business Suite inbox. This will make it significantly easier for both users and businesses to establish connections via all Meta social and messaging apps. As a result, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp will become cross-integrated, letting businesses and users choose a solution they like the most. Most probably, we will see that change in 2023, after Meta resolves all the encryption concerns. 

Lead Filtering

At the same time, Meta is planning to add an option for businesses to filter leads based on their quality. Low-quality leads fill be filtered out by asking potential customers to answer special multiple-choice questions via Lead Ad Instant forms. These forms will also receive an extended list of supported media formats, including PDF documents and images. Meta will soon let business accounts start conversations with customers with an automated questionnaire before joining the live chat. 


How do you like the upcoming efficiency-boosting features for Meta’s Business Suite? What else would you like to be added? Invite your colleagues by sharing this post and let’s discuss the topic in the comments.