LinkedIn Offers to Pin Important Comments

David Byrne


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LinkedIn has recently introduced new features to its users. You can now pin the comments you need to see in the reply chain. It will help you to underline the comments you find the most helpful or like the most. It can also refresh or restart the old discussion based on the information that was previously left unnoticed, lost in dozens of comments.

The first example came out on Mavrck from Lindsey Gamble. You can pin the comment by entering the 3 dots menu. It will keep the response you pick on top of the reply chain in the comments. You will see the icon “Pinned comment” above it. Those comments you’ve picked may change the flow of the conversation guiding it to unexpected places. However, it does not have to be an extraordinary thought. You may simply show support to your dear friend or highly respected user by pinning the comment. It can be your boss whose thoughts you value.

The pin system is not something entirely new for LinkedIn. For years, the company allowed users to pin all the updates they want on the Company Page. Some posts could be pinned based on their evergreen nature or their meaning to the community. If you have important information you want to share but are afraid it will disappear in the ocean of daily thoughts from other users, you can pin it.

Now you can pin the replies from other people under your posts too. This new feature will help you to increase the interaction with users that belong to your network. It is a perfect idea for many businesses that want to stay tightly engaged with the audience. Once you believe you don’t need this comment to be pinned anymore, you can unpin it the very same vary, via the three dots menu. This feature is available for all users of LinkedIn.

Do you think this idea may help users to improve their communication with each other? How often do you take part in discussions under the posts? Express your thoughts in the comments below.