Larian Studios Specifies Future Intentions for 'Divinity' Post Development of 'Baldur's Gate III'

David Byrne


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Renowned Belgian game developer Larian Studios recently offered insights that they will refocus on the much admired 'Divinity' series following Baglur's Gate III development completion. Swen Vincke, Studio's founder and director, shared this at the Guerrilla Collective event held over the June 5-6 weekend. The revelation occurred during an interview session following Larian Studios' participation in the showcase.

For those familiar with their work, Larian Studios developed the well-received 'Divinity: Original Sin' and 'Divinity: Original Sin II'. The studio's subsequent move to develop 'Baldur's Gate III' in partnership with Wizards of the Coast was considered equally exciting by fans. This partnership gave birth to a highly anticipated sequel to 'Baldur's Gate II,' released over two decades ago.

'Baldur’s Gate III' is currently in early access, but Larian Studios' affirmation of 'Divinity' revival signifies hope for those who have greatly valued the series. While Larian Studios did not offer any specifics as to when fans can expect the next game of the 'Divinity' series, the commitment to return to its roots was well appreciated by followers of the studio's work.

Vincke was cautious not to make any rash promises, alerting fans that the company's return to 'Divinity' would only happen after they had successfully finished 'Baldur's Gate III.' He explained that the team is totally engrossed with Baldur's Gate III's production, making it impossible to delve into another flagship series simultaneously.

This announcement certainly spells good news for 'Divinity' lovers, yet patience is critical. The committed game developers at Larian Studios always strive to deliver high-quality gaming experiences. It is certain they would want to provide the same thoroughness and quality for their future 'Divinity' projects as the fans have come to appreciate in their works so far.