Keiji Inafune’s Major Role in Developing Level-5’s Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time

David Byrne


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In a highly anticipated announcement, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino revealed that legendary video game developer Keiji Inafune of Mega Man fame would be producing Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time — the latest installment in the hit RPG life sim series from Level-5. With Inafune’s impressive portfolio, his inclusion in the development process is sure to bring a wealth of exciting new features to the Fantasy Life franchise.

Inafune’s portfolio is highly impressive, beginning with a key role in the original Mega Man, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, where he served as an artist and designer. Since then, Inafune has produced several Mega Man titles, as well as been involved in video games such as Onimusha, Dead Rising, and Mighty No. 9. In 2010, he started the video game development studio Comcept, which was acquired by Level-5 in 2017 and is today known as Level-5 Comcept.

The excitement level kept rising when Hino revealed that the main body of development of Fantasy Life i was being steered by Level-5 Comcept under the guidance of Inafune. He has created not only a new crafting system for the game — which was first glimpsed in the announcement trailer — but also a whole new life for players to enjoy. This new crafting system will let players transform their islands as they please, blending with the already established freewheeling spirit of the Fantasy Life series and allowing players to fully explore its sandbox elements.

Hino’s not the only one to recognize Inafune’s tremendous potential as a producer, either. Several members of the gaming community have expressed their approval of the news and their anticipation for the upcoming game. With his creative and dedicated team, Inafune’s sure to bring something truly special — and exciting — to the Fantasy Life series.

In conclusion, Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time has been a long time coming, being the long-awaited sequel to the first Fantasy Life title, released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS more than a decade ago. After being announced during a Nintendo Direct livestream this year, the game is now slated for launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year. With Inafune at its helm, Fantasy Life i is sure to add a new wave of excitement for fans of the RPG life sim franchise.