Instagram Remove the Recent Tab

Elina Rudkovsky


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One of the most popular social networks Instagram has tested the new update. The company removed the ‘recent’ tab, shuffling the entire hashtag content. It left the Reels and Top posts untouched.

The recent test provided by Instagram successfully removed the perfect order of the content you have used to. While you may now perfectly see similar posts centered near the hashtag you need, it looks like you receive only short videos you know as Reels there. The rest of the information will look slightly mixed. However, Instagram officials say that users will appreciate the new look once they learn how it works. They say that the content you see around hashtags is gathered there by the timing. You will see the recently posted videos. The new test was made to check the reaction of the users.

The first time hashtags were introduced to Instagram users, they were the perfect way to check all the photo trends around. Yet, nowadays, users prefer hashtags to stay visible among the wide range of information. Now content creators use hashtags to “stay alive” and turn the attention of their audience towards the new content. The Instagram company says that they are keeping the Top and Recent services there. Top reveals the top posts that are currently on demand among users. Recent is the tab that hides the content that appeared recently and you may want to check it out, no matter how many users and likes it gathers.

Instagram’s new algorithm still heats numerous debates around it. While some users want to see the previous order of things, others believe that a new way to reveal the content is more understandable and helpful. Instagram is trying its best to compete against the popular TikTok.

Do you like the new order on Instagram? How hard for you to find your favorite content? Express your thoughts in the comments below.