Google Offers New Tools Against Misinformation

Elina Rudkovsky


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Google presents new features to limit the spread of fake information. Celebrating International Fact-Checking Day, Google announced its new projects. The company made an overview of the tools that will be able to search and stop misinformation online.

The company works closely with fact-checking partners to reveal only the truth. It is not the first measure Google provides to cut disinformation from its pages. They have created multiple updates of the Search as well as alerts on the possible scam so users could find reliable sources of information.

The current update includes a short notice to the users that the news is still evolving and must be clarified. Google offers you the ability to check the source or just come back later. It indicates that the results are changing and you have to wait until they verify the information. While users still can open and read the information, there is a reminder that it may not be true. You will have to pause and read the message before you can continue. It will give you time to think and decide whether you want to read information or not.

Apart from that, Google provides the label “Highly Cited” which helps to find the information’s source of the numerous other stories that appear in the search. According to Google, it may add extra information to your online investigation. If the original news was about something that happened locally and other media sources took it, locals may want the original information. It may contain facts that will be helpful for the local community and help you to verify the news. Besides, the new option allows you to get to the very beginning of the story before it was edited by other media. The label will be available on Top Stories.

Do you need such tools from Google? How often do you read the news there? Express your thoughts about updates Google offers in the comments below.