Channel Surfing Comes on Twitch

David Byrne


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Twitch is busy with the new surfing method for the channels. It looks like the company has finally decided to bring back the good old traditions. One of the major game streaming platforms and broadest communities works on the channel search options that remind of TV channel surfing.

The project that is currently in progress received the name Channel Switcher. It offers you to check the previews for the streams that are revealed on the screen. Reading these reviews, according to Twitch, might help you to find the channel you need or to discover something entirely new, attracted by the description. Moreover, you would not see any ads while you are checking out these descriptions.

The company has already released a brief announcement of the upcoming service. On its official Twitter page, Twitch wrote “No more pogoing”, introducing their current experiment. They call it Channel Switcher. Developers added the screen with the stream and its brief description that users can now read before they decide whether they want to view it or not.

For now, it is hard to find something you are really interested in if you don’t know what or where to look for it. You have to come up with the idea on the stream you want to see right now and search for it. If you are lost, you still can view the homepage, making sure that there are videos you want to see. If this does not help, you can go to the recommendations from the people you follow or scan their sidebar. You may search for more fun in the account of the streamer that reveals the game you like. Yet, all these options are slightly limited since you still need to have at least an idea of what you want to watch.

Now you can receive a detailed description of each video. It might be the classic way, but still a trustable one. Once you find the video that you want to see, you will easily be able to find similar ones.

What do you think about this idea? Are you excited to try it? Share your opinion in the comments below.