Call of Duty on Switch: Xbox Boss Says It Would Run "Relatively Great"

Audrey Hansen


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In the wake of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard and their commitment to bring the Call of Duty series to Nintendo platforms, questions have arisen regarding the performance of the popular first-person shooter on the Switch. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently addressed these concerns, comparing Call of Duty on the Switch to other titles on the platform and discussing potential optimization strategies.

In the current legal battle between the FTC and Microsoft, Phil Spencer stated that the performance of Call of Duty on the Nintendo Switch will be "relatively high compared to other Switch games." While he acknowledged that the game's performance on the Switch would not compare to that of the Xbox version, this statement reassures fans of the popular series who are interested in playing on Nintendo hardware. The collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo has sparked excitement and curiosity among gaming enthusiasts as they wonder how Call of Duty will fare on the Switch.

Adding to Spencer's statement, Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty also testified in the court, mentioning that Call of Duty could definitely run on the Switch. The key to a successful transition, according to Booty, would be adjusting the "graphics and assets" as well as the frame rate of the game. This suggests that while the game may not have all the bells and whistles of its Xbox counterpart, developers are working diligently to optimize the game for the Switch platform.

Phil Spencer's previous comments mentioned a desire to bring "absolutely the best version of Call of Duty" to all platforms. Additionally, a UK CMA document highlighted Xbox's confidence in Activision's ability to optimize the series to run on the Switch. These statements further indicate the commitment of both Microsoft and Activision to provide an enjoyable gaming experience to Call of Duty fans on Nintendo's console.

In conclusion, with Microsoft, Activision, and Xbox working together to optimize Call of Duty for the Switch, the future looks promising for fans of the series who were initially skeptical about the game's performance on Nintendo's platform. While it may not match the performance of the Xbox or other more powerful consoles, the game is expected to run "relatively great" compared to other Switch titles. This collaboration between gaming giants is a testament to the industry's commitment to providing the best possible experience to gamers across all platforms.