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Minecraft has totally evolved from its humble roots over a decade ago into a global titan with multiple spin-offs. Now, you can not only explore but also build anything imaginable. The pocket edition is also compatible with both the Windows version and console, unifying the game experience across all platforms.

Minecraft requires you to scavenge for items and mine resources in order to build whatever you want. The structures range from simple mud houses to elaborate fortresses and even nuclear power plants. You can also explore the 3D open world, engage in combat, and craft. You can also play in custom maps that other players created. The game offers several modes, for example, survival mode in which players have to craft, maintain health, battle, and build. In creative mode, players can fly around and have unlimited resources for crafting. In hardcore mode, the player only spawns once, and the game is excruciatingly difficult. Other modes include Adventure and Spectator where the player is free to explore the open world with no effect. There are also adjustable difficulty levels.

The game has a large variety of biomes in sandbox mode, with everything from deserts to mountains and forests. You’ll meet a variety of NPCs in Minecraft, some of which are hostile and some of which are friendly and can be hunted for food.

The controls on a touchscreen device feel a little more unintuitive than those on PC or console, but you gradually get used to this. A D-pad is available at the bottom of the screen for regular movement. You can double tap on the button at the center of the D-pad to sneak on enemies. To destroy, you click on the item and tap for slightly longer than usual. The Jump button is located at the bottom right of the screen.

The game retains its key visual elements, looking like an extension of LEGO. The game packs both simplicity and complexity in the same package, and the only limit to the visuals is your own creativity. When comparing the graphics on mobile to those on PC and console, you won’t notice any discernable difference due to the nature of the visual style.

Minecraft is a classic game, and you’ll keep coming back for more simply because of how much content is available from players all around the world. The game provides a variety of playing modes and difficulty levels which are not exhaustible in just one sitting.


  • An elaborate world with structures and levels crafted uniquely;
  • Unique visuals;
  • The port to mobile was well done.


  • Tedious to get around because of how the game’s mechanics work;
  • There is a huge lack of documentation in the game.
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