Granny Review

Granny is an indie-developed survival horror game by DVloper. First released for Android and iOS in 2017, it is now also available for Microsoft Windows and has enjoyed a lot of attention on various media platforms, bringing about a 2019 sequel titled Granny: Chapter Two. In this game, you are to get out of the house where the titular antagonist, Granny, is keeping you within five days to escape death. 

Be Quiet or Die

You play in the first-person perspective as the protagonist whom Granny has trapped inside her decrepit house and is going to kill unless you find a way out. To do so, you are to roam about the house looking for useful objects. It’s vital that you don’t make any noise or get into Granny’s sight, or she will chase you and possibly knock you out, which means the end of the current day. Completing a quest might win you an extra day. You can also use some of the objects in the house to neutralize Granny for a short time.

100% Crude Eeriness

Set in an old rotting house full of traps and complete with a giant, hostile spider, Granny uses poorly made, raw graphics that makes your stealth outings even creepier. The gritty picture suits the antagonist’s appearance perfectly. Granny is a somnambulistic-looking violent old woman roaming the property like an undead with a blood-stained baseball bat which she will swing at you psychotically whenever she gets close to you. You’ll see a lot of blood generally. Simplified and far from realistic as it is, the picture enhances the gameplay to give you the creeps with a generous addition of jump scares.

Learning Takes Time

In the mobile versions of the game, the controls consist quite predictably of on-screen icons that you tap for the desired action. These don’t take up too much screen space, which is good news. On the downside, though, some of the icons are not easily interpretable, especially when it comes to movement, so you might need some time to enjoy a smooth session. The navigation becomes quite intuitive after that.


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