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Granny is a horror game that can easily be dismissed as too ineffective or too repetitive at first glance. However, it does deliver on the core mandate of giving you good old-fashioned jumpscares, while not trying to do too much at the same time.

In Granny, you play in the first-person perspective as a prisoner of Granny, an eerie-looking antagonist who walks around with a bloodied bat waiting to take the next swing. Granny keeps you locked in her house, and you have to try and make it out within 5 days. You can earn an extra day in the house if you complete a quest for Granny, but after this things quickly go south.  Once the game begins, you have to search the house to get various items which will help you in your quest to escape such as keys, tranquilizer darts, a screwdriver, etc., solving puzzles in the process. You have to do this in absolute quiet; otherwise, even a pin drop will alert Granny.

Aside from the main door, there is also another door to the outside at the lowest level of the house through the garage. Starting the car will allow you to escape this way too.

The controls mainly consist of on-screen commands and prompts which you can click on. These controls are fairly simple and don’t take up too much screen space, which would make the experience lackluster. As a newbie, you might struggle a bit with getting used to the controls or at least getting around to understanding what the game wants from you.

The backdrop of the game is the dimly lit old house which adds a certain spine-chilling effect to the fray. Granny is designed as an ugly, almost undead entity that moves around in the same fashion. When she attacks you with a bat, you’ll see blood splatter all over the screen, though no gore is shown.

Once you are able to figure out what to do with Granny, the game becomes fairly easy and predictable. This isn’t a game that you might keep coming back to every time, although it does count for an enjoyable pastime if you have nothing else to do. It has great jumpscare moments, but this isn’t enough to keep you coming back, especially due to lack of content in the game.


  • Simplified gameplay;
  • Can generally give you a good scare;
  • Looks good visually and suited for the genre.


  • Lacks crucial gameplay elements;
  • Is a bit confusing when you start out playing.
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