War Robots Multiplayer Battles Review

War Robots Multiplayer Battles is a free online game that allows players to team-up with other users and start battling using giant robots. There are many robots that you can buy. Players can also upgrade the machine or purchase new weapons in order to make it easier to kill your enemies. The most popular mode in War Robots Multiplayer Battles allows users to capture flags in order to win. The game also provides users with in-game purchases. The maximum number of players on the map is 12 (6 players per team). You can download War Robots Multiplayer Battles for free for iOS and Android platforms.


War Robots Multiplayer Battles graphics do not look realistic. Some texture look blurred. Nevertheless, you can easily see robots on the map. The picture is not colorful. It should be mentioned that there are a lot of robot models. They have different textures, but it is hard to distinguish them while fighting. War Robots Multiplayer Battles graphics should be upgraded in the future updates. It would diversify the gameplay radically.


After you start the game, it will show you some basic game mechanics. However, it will only highlight certain buttons. You will be able to start playing by tapping the button that is located at the top right corner. The game will search for 11 more players. However, you can team-up with your friends and play together.

In the main menu, players will be able to select robots and complete various missions. In order to see the task, tap the icon that is located on the left side of your screen. The page also allows you to get rewards that will help you to upgrade robots. If you tap on your robot, you will open a new page. There you can see the list of available machines. You can also upgrade them by increasing their max speed and armor. You can see these indicators at the left side of the page. In addition, you can purchase and attach weapons. You will be able to see your money at the top of your screen. If you want to upgrade a weapon, select it and tap the "Upgrade" button.

Lasting Appeal and Controls

First of all, it is easy to play War Robots Multiplayer Battles because controls have a lot of in common with other third-person games. For example, you need to use your virtual left joystick in order to walk. If you want to shoot, tap the button at the right side of the screen. Sometimes it might take some time to reload your weapons. It is interesting to play the game because there are many robots and interesting maps.


  • Free to download;
  • Simple controls;
  • Many robots.


  • The graphics are not perfect.
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