STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the next release of the Star Wars franchise. This is a single-player developed in the 3rd person action-adventure genre. You are invited to start the exciting adventures throughout the galaxy! You will find familiar characters and new challenges here.

The key character is Cal Kestis, designed as a male human which the fans of this franchise may expect to see. He is equipped with the redesigned lightsaber looking much more powerful compared with the weapon in the previous releases.

The story is simple. The only surviving member of the Jedi Order known as Cal Kestis has to hide together with few survived. Meanwhile, he is completing his training, which provides him with the new powerful Force abilities. It is important to master the art of the lightsaber to the tips of his fingers. At the same time, Cal continues to track those who are still alive being forced to lie down. He meets the resistance fighters and decides to reach the troops of Stormtroopers.

There will be complicated battles that are well-balanced. Develop smart tactics to defeat your enemy. Your character will demonstrate his Force powers to the fullest extent. There are a lot of new abilities. Cal is able to manage his force as he wants, and now he is able to slow the time. This technique allows him to maneuver for successful battles.

You should know that each scene delivers several AI interactions between non-player characters. Be ready to watch various creatures battling without your participation. Turn this to your advantage. There are plenty of side missions increasing the replayability of the game. Explore every level in detail to benefit from the gameplay.

Defeating enemies, you get points that provide you with the fresh upgrades of your ammunition and other necessary resources. You will improve your skills by being able to make double jumps or other tricks that are not available at the very beginning. Do not forget to take your health into consideration as far as it is reduced when you make mistakes.


  • It has the powerful gameplay with a lot of details;
  • The visuals here are very nice;
  • The well-balanced martial battles.


  • Crashes are possible.
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