Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer Review

Secret Neighbor is a horror adventure game about a group of friends who decided to get into their Neighbor’s house to save the friend, imprisoned in the basement. The Secret Neighbor is a part of the Hello Neighbor series. The action takes place in-between the 1st and the 2nd acts of the Hello Neighbor game. It was created by Hologryph, and released by tinyBuild in 2019. The game is available on Windows PC. It offers a multiplayer mode for you and your friends.

What is Secret Neighbor About?

Secret Neighbor catches up with the events from the 1st Act of Hello Neighbor. So, if you want to know why your friend Nicky is in the basement in the first place, you have to play Hello Neighbor or at least the 1st Act. It is free of charge and available as a demo version. In Secret Neighbor, you and your friends decide to sneak into the Neighbor’s house. Your main goal is to find all keys and unlock the basement until the Neighbor catches you. And the main trick is that Neighbor turns into one of your friends in disguise.

The main task for children is to quickly explore Neighbor’s house and find the keys. The main task of the Neighbor is to scare the kids and make them leave the house. You can’t trust anyone in the game as it can be the Neighbor. Even you can be the Neighbor. If you receive this role you have to confuse your friends, make them doubt their strategy, and kill them one by one or scare them.

Simple Furniture and Pumpkin Costumes

Now, let’s talk about the outstanding graphics in the game. It is definitely the most family-friendly horror survival game you see. If you are tired from bloodthirsty ghosts, possessed old rag dolls, or zombies covered in wastes, you will like this game. It has some kind of cheerful atmosphere if the simple and even cozy house you will not be scared about until you die.

Everything is gorgeous about the game, from wallpapers on the wall to the costumes you can choose. Even Neighbor looks pretty normal before he gets to you. Besides, developers provide you with seasonal updates, so you can be a Santa, Santa’s deer, or a pumpkin when the holiday comes.

Is Secret Neighbor Easy to Play?

The game has a pretty clear interface and the buttons are standard as well. If you have ever played other games before, you will quickly learn the controls. However, the timing in the game is almost everything. You are followed by a vicious Neighbor that looks like one of your friends and you don’t have many places to hide since you still need to unlock the basement. The game glitches from time to time and you can freeze when the Neighbor is close to you.


  • Unique graphics;
  • Well-developed plot;
  • Numerous characters you can try;
  • Clear and understandable controls;
  • Multiplayer mode;


  • The game is not free;
  • Minor glitches.

Great 5

Secret Neighbor is great entertainment for the company of friends. It offers you to take part in a rescue mission and check your own skills and analytic thinking. You have to find the keys and guess who the Neighbor is before he kills you. This game has high replay value and numerous fun outfits to offer.

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