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Being a priest, you have been called upon to exorcise a house of a ghost that is haunting a family. The ghosts have a certain personality and a motive for wanting to be in that house. You will have to learn every inch of the house and learn how to constantly adapt to the ghosts, as you try and figure out exactly how to exorcise it. 

You will go through multiple different phases of the game, which will completely change the way you use your equipment, and your strategy to actually getting rid of the ghost. There are currently 15 different ghosts planned for the game, each having their own unique personality and individual motives for wanting to stay in that house.


One of the main focuses of this game is for it to be a co-op experience, not only will you experience the game with your friends, but you will also experience it with other players across the world, which means you never know exactly what you're up against.

Another major focus is the immersion of the game, everything is to scale, and the graphics are life-like, this will make the experience as real as possible. Download Obsideo to immerse yourself into the world of paranormal investigation.


After Obsideo download you’ll get:

  • Unique gameplay – Play as a priest with a vast array of ghost hunting equipment that helps you learn more about the ghost you're facing. The better you do, the more you learn about the ghost, and the more you can use to help you in your quest for victory. 
  • Real-life locations – All locations are based on real-world locations, each with its own story, and secrets to find. 
  • Varied gameplay – Each of the locations is vastly different, with all sorts of new gameplay mechanics that will keep you on your toes. 
  • Immersion – Each of the locations is fully modeled after real-world locations, which means you'll be able to explore the environments to your heart's content, and also you'll be able to hear the noises of the real world; such as the window's rattling in the wind, or the TV blaring. 


The graphics are amazing. The design of the game is perfect. I'm excited to see how this game progresses in the future. 

The graphics in Obsideo are modeled to scale off real-world houses, and everything that the ghost does has a realistic reaction to it. The ghosts can also be seen interacting with almost everything in the house, from opening and closing doors, smashing through walls, and shattering windows.


  • The game is based on the theme of ghost hunting, which is really popular these days
  • The design of the game is really good;
  • It’s a co-operative game;
  • It's a really good challenge.


  • The game is rather short;
  • There is no option for female character.


Obsideo is a great game for those who want a unique horror experience. It has a great design, a lot of scary content, and a lot of scary moments. I was impressed by the author's work. Download and play Obsideo with your friends, and enjoy the game!

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