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Industries of Titan is a game in which the player builds a city on the planet of Titan, a gas giant in the solar system. The player starts with a few small buildings and has to build a metropole with a variety of factories, and different buildings for the inhabitants. The player has to develop the city's economy by balancing the needs of the people, the factories and the buildings.

The player has to place the city's defenses strategically by choosing the right weapon, shield, engine and more. The player can also build battleships and use them in tactical battleships. Industries of Titan is a turn-based strategy game where you are under control of the mayor of a city. The goal of the game is to build up a city from the ground up. You start with a few buildings and as you progress you can build more and more buildings.


The gameplay depends on the player's style. The player can either play in a "role-time with pause" mode where the player can take as long as they want to do something, or they can play in "role-time without pause" mode where every second counts.

The gameplay is split up into two phases. The first phase is the build phase where you can build buildings and produce resources. The second phase is the action phase which is where you can use the resources you have gathered to produce more buildings, or attack enemies.

The game is split into turns, and during each turn you can produce resources, build buildings, attack enemies, or do nothing. The game starts with a tutorial where you build a few buildings and produce a few resources. You can then produce resources by placing a factory or by building a resource-consuming building.


Industries of Titan has a top-down view where the player can zoom in and out to see the city from different angles. There are different colors for the random maps, so there are no two identical maps. The buildings and the people also differ in size and color for each map. The graphics are pixel-based and have a style similar to the 16-bit era. However, the colors are vibrant and everything is smooth-lined. The buildings and units have a pixelated appearance, but the animations are fluid.


Industries of Titan is highly replayable. There are many different strategies to play the game and the player can either play in role-time with pause, or without pause. There are no extra modes or features to this game, but the game offers a lot of replayability because there are a few different strategies to use.


  • Different game modes
  • Different strategies
  • Gorgeous graphics


  • The game can be confusing to get started on
  • The gameplay feels repetitive


"Industries of Titan" received generally positive reviews from critics upon release. It was praised for its graphics, its replayability and its replay value, but was criticized for its lack of content. It has a score of 70.00% on GameRankings based on 2 reviews.

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