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If you're up for a Match 3 game with a little bit of dating sim mechanics and light RPG elements HuniePop is the game for you! Developed by Huniepot, this game was released on January 2015 and was originally created as a Kickstarter project. The game HuniePop is set in a world where dating is unheard of, and the only way to woo the hunie of your dreams is by playing the match-3 game. You take on the role of a male or female character and go out on dates with different hunie.


The first thing you'll notice when starting up HuniePop is the art style. The game uses a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. The backdrops and characters are drawn in a manga-esque style while the Hunie itself is rendered in 3D. One of the game's strengths is its art style. No matter what kind of art style you prefer, there's a good chance you'll find HuniePop's look pleasing. 


The gameplay in HuniePop is a cross between a match-3 game and a dating sim. The goal is to win over the hunie of your choice by giving her gifts, going on dates, and playing the match-3 game.

The match-3 game is the main gameplay mechanic and is quite simple. You swap two adjacent tiles to create a row or column of 3 or more matching tiles. When you make a match, the tiles disappear and new tiles fall into place. The game also has a few special tiles that do different things. For example, there are green "wild" tiles that can match any type of tile, and there are heart tiles that fill up your "date meter". If you can make a match with a heart tile, your date meter will increase. Once the date meter is full, you can go on a date with the hunie of your choice. 


The game has 24 different hunie that you can date, and each one has her own personality, likes, and dislikes. There are also different dialogue options that you can choose from when talking to the hunie. This gives the game a good amount of replay value. 


HuniePop is a fun and addicting game that's easy to pick up and play. The match-3 gameplay is simple but challenging, and the dating sim element is a nice touch. If you're looking for a game to kill a few hours, HuniePop is definitely worth checking out. 


  • Fun and addicting
  • Good mix of gameplay genres
  • Pleasing art style


  • No multiplayer mode
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