Helix Jump Review

Touch the Box Helix Jump screen and avoid the obstacles to get to the bottom
You have to descend to more than 500 floors.
Bounce the bouncing crazy ball and reach the highest level.
It is a very addictive free game. Jump and complete the labyrinth of square pieces.
Simple controls simply slide your fingers to the right and left to rotate the helix tower, the ball jumps itself. Try to avoid the boxes of different color to the one of the helix and let the ball through the holes.


* Free game new 2018 version with blocks levels
* Up to 1000 levels!
* Smooth and precise control
* All levels are different, created procedurally with random seed.
* Easy to play game with one-touch controls
* Good rock music and intense sound effects.
* Beautiful graphics of the labyrinth of the helix tower with fog effect.
* Small size of the game, to download in a short time.

In Helix Jump, you use swipes to shift the direction of your rotating disks and avoid any obstacles. Note that you don’t change the course of the ball, but only move the disks left or right by swiping your finger on-screen.

Yet another aspect of the game simplified to great effect is the graphics. With only a rotating helix which shows various color schemes depending on the level and no special visual effects to accentuate the gameplay, Helix Jump may not be your idea of fun and vibrant graphics. However, the simplicity really works for this type of game.

Helix Jump is a fun game, but the same method of play repeated over and over is bound to get tiring. While this is essentially a puzzle game—in that you unlock new levels by completing preceding ones—this won’t be immediately clear to new players. Overall, this might not be a game you come back to too often, but you definitely won’t have the urge to delete Helix Jump after a single session.


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