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Helix Jump has been at the top of both App Store and Google Play rankings for months now, and if you’re just getting acquainted with the game, you may be wondering what makes this game so special.  

In Helix Jump the objective is simple: get your colorful, splattering ball down a helix in a rotating spindle without landing on the wrongly colored disk. The concept seems fairly simple and repetitive, yet you may find yourself spending hours playing. The game starts off simple enough, but as you progress to higher levels, it becomes harder to beat the helixes. Each level has a specific color scheme for the ball and helixes, almost like a puzzle which you unlock. As you progress, the levels become harder although the gameplay mechanics remain the same.

The game requires you to rotate the discs attached to the spindle to avoid your splatter ball falling on the wrong place. While falling through the gaps, you have to time your moves perfectly to land on the correct portions of the disk. You can make falls through various levels of helixes simultaneously, thus earning extra points in the process. Falling through large portions of the disks (such as three or more consecutive gaps) also allows you to destroy disks, even those that could potentially harm you, further earning you points. If you die, you can watch an ad and get started again.

In Helix Jump, you use swipes to shift the direction of your rotating disks and avoid any obstacles. Note that you don’t change the course of the ball, but only move the disks left or right by swiping your finger on-screen.

Yet another aspect of the game simplified to great effect is the graphics. With only a rotating helix which shows various color schemes depending on the level and no special visual effects to accentuate the gameplay, Helix Jump may not be your idea of fun and vibrant graphics. However, the simplicity really works for this type of game.

Helix Jump is a fun game, but the same method of play repeated over and over is bound to get tiring. While this is essentially a puzzle game—in that you unlock new levels by completing preceding ones—this won’t be immediately clear to new players. Overall, this might not be a game you come back to too often, but you definitely won’t have the urge to delete Helix Jump after a single session.


  • Simple gameplay;
  • Minimalist design;
  • You can earn new lives by watching ads.


  • Players suffer from too many ads, even those that pay for the premium version of the game.
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