Foundation Review

Developed by Polymorph Games, Foundation is a medieval city-building game inspired by the beauty and historical detail of the cities in the period. The game is easy to play, hard to master, and offers a multitude of gameplay mechanics. Download Foundation game – an awesome building simulator – and enjoy the game without Internet and with an unlimited number of levels!


After creating a settlement, the player must build up the village into a prosperous city. The player does this by creating an intricate network of housing, churches, taverns, and other medieval-style buildings. The player also needs to manage the village's population by directing them to jobs and providing them with food.

The gameplay is designed to be approachable and easy to learn, yet challenging to master.


The graphics are great, the music is wonderful, the game is addictive. The game is based on real medieval buildings, which are designed with various styles, each building has unique features. The environment is realistic and the gameplay is very good.


The game features a unique building creator where you can mix and match different elements (for example, roofs, doors, windows) to customize the look of different buildings. You can also customize your villager's clothing, allowing you to create unique-looking villagers. 

To help you manage your city, the game has an advanced system for queueing tasks. There’s also a day/night cycle and organic city-building system that auto-balances resources and inhabitants in the city.


  • The premise of the game is very cool and fun. I would say that this is the best medieval city building game;
  • Even though the graphics might be a little outdated, they are very charming and still look nice;
  • A game that is very well balanced, with a good difficulty curve;
  • You can play it for hours, without grinding;
  • There are unlimited possibilities.


  • No multiplayer;
  • Some minor bugs.


It is a medieval city-building simulation game with a focus on building and management rather than on combat and warfare. This game is of high quality, with great graphics and solid gameplay. Download Foundation game full version and enjoy this amazing game.

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Elina Rudkovsky
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