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Fortnite finally made its debut on mobile and boy did it not disappoint! With realistic visuals, seamless transition of controls from console to mobile, and an all-around battle royale experience that never frustrates, you’re definitely missing out if you haven’t got it on your device yet.

Fortnite on mobile is still the same game that experienced players might have got used to on other platforms. In this version of the game, you battle against 99 other players on a map which is gradually shrinking to encourage confrontation. The aim of the game is simple: be the last person standing. Once you are through with the initial tutorial which shows you the way around weapons, menus, and controls, you are dropped on a map from where the game begins. All the key elements of Fortnite Battle Royale are kept intact, even the more difficult building mechanics that made this game stand out.

Another great thing about this version of the game is that you can sync your gameplay across various platforms. Naturally, mobile players play on dedicated servers, as do players on other platforms. However, you can invite your friends that are on PC or console and play across platforms. This allows millions of new gamers to play on their mobile devices, although they’ll probably be easily beaten by more experienced players with controllers or mice and keyboards, especially those who have mastered the building mechanics.  

The biggest challenge with Fortnite is obviously the fact that the fairly advanced control system now needs touch inputs. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the game plays surprisingly well on mobile (iPhone 8 for this review). Since the game is gradually being released for other generations of iDevices and a limited range of Android devices, it remains to be seen how the controls match up to the differences between the hardware.

The biggest draw for Fortnite is its intense graphics. On mobile, there is a slight frame rate dip occasionally, but this is far from noticeable. The colors are vibrant, and you wouldn’t know this was a port.

Fortnite packs high replay value not only because of its riveting action but also because of how much Epic Games has retained all core gameplay elements. You can sync progress, and if you play on other platforms too, none of your progress is lost. The controls are fluid on the touchscreen, and nothing is lost on this version.


  • Free to play;
  • Seamless syncing across mobile and other platforms;
  • Impressive graphics;
  • Seamless controls.


  • Has only been released on select models of iOS and Android devices.
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